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About Sel

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Who I am

I'm Selina Nguyen (pronouns she/they) and I'm a Sex and Relationship Therapist. I work with individuals and relationships, offering online and in-person sex and relationship therapy at Good Vibes Clinic.


I love talking about all facets of relationships and sexuality, and I'm dedicated to normalising nuanced and informed discussions about such topics and learning how we can all have better relationships with ourselves, our partners and our sexuality.

With qualifications in psychology, sociology, family and relationship counselling, and psychosexual therapy, I provide the intersection of current research, clinical expertise and life experience. The joys of learning is a core value of mine, so I'm also constantly reading up new developments and trainings in relationship and sex therapy to ensure best practice. 

I'm trained in systemic therapy which means understanding who you are in the context of the bigger structures and guiding forces in your life. The lenses through which I see the world and my practice is influenced by being Asian-Australian, queer, feminist and a cisgender woman living without disability. I aim to be transparent in all that I do, and I work from an inclusive, non-pathologising and trauma-informed approach. Anchored in queer and intersectional theory, I believe in empowerment through knowledge, pleasure and community support. Sessions with me are tender, encouraging and collaborative. I acknowledge that very few of us feel equipped to navigate the chaos that is sex and relationships, and that we could all do with more transparency, openness and a little bit of education so that's why I'm here. 

Areas of interest/specialty include: relationship concerns and conflict, sexuality through life changes, sexual or performance anxiety, lack of desire/arousal, and working with queer folks, people of colour, non-monogamy and other underserved communities

Session cost: $165 for individual sessions, and $209 for partnered sessions.
All sessions are 50-60 minutes. 


  • Masters of Science in Medicine (Sexual and Reproductive Health) in Psychosexual Therapy - University of Sydney

  • Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling - Australian Institute of Social Relations

  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) - University of Sydney

  • Professional Memberships held with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and Society of Australian Sexologists (SAS)

  • Level One Gottman Method Couples Therapy

  • Fundamentals of Kink (Continuing Education) - Affirmative Couch

  • Polyamorous Clients in Therapy (Continuing Education) - Affirmative Couch

  • Healing Power of Open Relationships (Continuing Education) - Affirmative Couch


I offer the below services out of our Surry Hills office as well as online sessions. No referrals are required. Please refer to my FAQs page, don't hesitate to let me know if you have any burning questions.

Romantic Couple

Relationship Counselling

I work with relationships of all formations to unpack a range of common concerns including communication, conflict and intimacy.

Holding Hands

Sex Therapy & Education

No topic is off limits! I work with individuals and relationships to create their own definitions of healthy sexuality, identity and pleasure.

Gay Teens

Content Creation

A lover of writing, I offer general relationship and sex advice through my blog. I also collaborate with media and offer project consultation.

"My counsellor Selina at the Good Vibes Clinic made me feel at ease discussing long standing difficulties related to relationships and sex. Selina was very skilled in guiding me to realise how my current belief system has held me back in relationships and sex and these realisations have assisted to improve my confidence. In my counselling sessions I was also provided skills to move forward in my relationship and sex goals including how to manage certain scenarios and information on dating sites tailored to my needs. I very highly recommend Selina at the Good Vibes Clinic to anyone seeking relationship and sex advice."

— Male identifying client, aged 40-50

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