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Image by Cesar La Rosa
Image by Eugene Nelmin

I want to taste her like a peach in the summer.

Juicy, warm and ripe. I want to suck the juice from every finger and run my tongue over my chin with her. All I can think about is lapping up every last drop. She is my favourite fruit.


I quietly open the bathroom door, untying my silk robe and letting it drop to my feet. I admire her for just a moment as she continues to wash her body underneath the shower head. The mixture of soap and water gliding over her soft body. Her hands brushing over her perfect chest, drawing me in.


I join her in the shower. Slowly and passionately, I kiss her. I can feel her smiling against me as I pull her closer in. I savour her warmth pressing against my cool chest. I kiss and lick and suck every part of her perfect body one by one, making my way down to my knees. Every inch of her is heaven and I'm waiting at the golden gates. I can feel her writhing in pleasure, begging me for more. She moans and lifts a leg over my shoulder to bring me in closer. That perfect first bite. Juicy, warm and ripe. She buries her hands in my hair as she grinds on my face. I trace her cunt with my tongue, knowing her like the back of my hand. Her moans echo against the bathroom tiles. I savour her like she is my last meal. Oh how I love peaches.

Written by Anonymous
References Kate Baer's And Yet: Poems

I joined him in the yard and we instantly began flirting.

He made sexy comments under his breath. I remember one: "I'd like to rub my face in that bush over there," motioning toward me. I tried a few innuendoes myself, nutty stuff like "Is that a trowel in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"


He made me feel so free and sexy that I unbuttoned my shirt. When he saw my breasts he instantly dropped what he was doing and began licking my nipples and smearing dirt all over me. I can't explain why this didn't bother me because I'm such a cleanliness fanatic. Before long we were both stark naked, fighting over who would pull each weed, sometimes rolling on top of each other, laughing our heads off, and being totally outrageous. The sun was hot so I grabbed the hose and sprayed him down. Soon we were both drenched and making love on the lawn. 

Excerpt from The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin

Image by Aleksandr Kadykov

Let's indulge.

This is a container for you to explore your fantasies, desires and kinks. Whether you want to write or simply peruse, it's all yours.

Submissions can be named, anonymous or use a pen-name. Stories can be short and sweet, long and hard, real or imagined. We will not accept stories that reference identifiable individuals without their written permission, and we will not accept stories that we deem unsuitable for Come Back to Bed. Now charge your toys, turn on your sexy playlist and let's get cosy.

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